Barnes Power Products LLC would like to introduce everyone to the new kid on the block.  We have spent two years on the track and hundreds of dyno pulls coming up with this powerhouse.  Racers spend their hard earned money on the best engines for their racing program, only to unknowingly lose power between the engine and their wheels.  The Pulse clutch is the most efficient transfer of your engines power to your wheels we have seen on our dyno.  From its lightweight design, to the new friction material of our A-TRACTION discs, the Pulse is unbeatable.  Here is a list of some of the features of the new Pulse clutch:

  • Lightweight 3.35" diameter means lower inertia and more power to your wheels, compared to the 3.5" clutches on the market.
  • BPP designed levers for a smoooth and unmatched engagement
  • "No-Spin" bearing sleeve designed by BPP that is hardened and replaceable.
  • Coated springs designed for smooth engagement and prevent rusting
  • Double disc ground surfaces for the tightest tolerances
  • Billet 10 tab baskets to reduce wear  
  • **NEW** A-TRACTION friction material (BPP exclusive) allows the most power transfer from your engine to your wheels.  Also handle torque VERY well, allowing  you to run higher hp engines with the same number of discs.
  • Blueprinted from the manufacturer, so no need to pay for additional "blueprinting"
  • Shims installed to allow for longer run time between rebuilds
  • Anodized basket and spring plate making it look as good as it performs  (Almost) 
  • Top quality but cost-effective parts making rebuilds affordable
  • Use the same style sprockets as most other clutch brands on the market, so no need to buy all new sprockets.

Pulse clutches will be available in late January 2018.  BPP will have them available to see and purchase at all our trade shows this winter.

Dealers are welcome to contact BPP for pricing.





Pulse Clutch Spring Chart (2 Disc)
No Bolts In Holes No Bolts In Holes
Spring  Height  RPM Spring  Height  RPM
Gold 0.300 4000 Silver 0.300 4700
Gold 0.320 3800 Silver 0.320 4500
Gold 0.340 3600 Silver 0.340 4300
Gold 0.360 3400 Silver 0.360 4100
Gold 0.380 3200 Silver 0.380 3900
1 Bolt In Outer Hole 1 Bolt In Outer Hole
Spring  Height  RPM Spring  Height  RPM
Gold 0.280 3800 Silver 0.300 4300
Gold 0.300 3600 Silver 0.320 4100
Gold 0.320 3400 Silver 0.340 3900
Gold 0.340 3200 Silver 0.360 3700
Gold 0.360 3000 Silver 0.380 3500
2 Bolt  2 Bolts
Spring  Height  RPM Spring  Height  RPM

 **All Springs set with a dial caliper measuring from the base of the spring plate to to top of the spring.  We have found this method is much more accurate than using a spring height gauge.